Bruderhof senior pastor reflects on finding peace when faced with eternity

Richard Scott

Richard Scott 1949–2011

Richard Scott was named the senior pastor of the Bruderhof in 2001 and served in that capacity with his wife, Kathy, until his death. An unassuming, slight man known for his blunt honesty and sense of humor, he hated attention. “Let’s stop praising each other,” he would say. “Let’s give glory to God, where it belongs.”

Richard was diagnosed with advanced cancer in May 2010. In early 2011, he told the community about how facing death affected him:

One’s mind and heart turn away from this world, and all one’s plans and ideas of what should and shouldn’t happen just fade away. One is left with this great longing to go home to a different kingdom. And yet there is also this: before you stands eternity; behind you, what all has happened in your life, and you know that you have to face God’s judgment. So wherever you have opposed Christ, it comes to the foreground, and your heart cries out for redemption. 

There is the longing of every heart to find peace. I say this as a needy soul who has hindered and opposed the Spirit so often: it’s through showing love to one another that we find healing. May we all be drawn closer to the kingdom through these times. It’s within reach of every person.

Richard died in February 2011.

Members of the Danthonia community serve on the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

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